I’m Not Impressed…

So this three year old little shit can play Kinect Dance Central on hard. Big fucking deal. What exactly did he do? He moved his arms a couple of times and his feet stayed pretty much in the same spot. I can train a fucking chimpanzee to do this shit in two days. This ain’t Dance Dance Revolution bro, I ain’t fucking impressed. You want to impress everyone, do some DDR on the highest level, then I’ll give you some props. Until then, you’re a fraud little guy, just a full out fraud.


The Confusion Of The Phrase “I Like You”

If you’re a guy then you know exactly what I’m talking about right now. If you’re a girl, chances are that you have no idea what I’m talking about right now. Hey, it’s not your fault; this is why I’m here to enlighten you. I am going to enlighten you on the phrase “I like you” and explain what it really means when it is said in certain situations.

To begin, this has nothing to do with when a guy and a girl have been talking and hanging out for a while. That is what we would call the standard “I like you”. Guy likes girl, girl likes guy, and everything is all peachy until you really get to know each other. But too bad that is not what I am referring to.

What I’m really talking about are those “relationships” that you have with a member of the opposite sex that is nothing more than physical, yet the girl thinks that it’s a lot more. These aren’t booty calls or friends with benefits, these are people who talk all the time, but all they do is have sex. They don’t go on dates; they don’t really do much of anything besides have sex.

See the problem with this is that most of the time the girl thinks that there is way more going on than just strictly fucking. However, this is not the case. The girl probably likes the guy, but the guy only likes to have sex with you. Therefore ladies, when you ask the guy how he feels about you, and he responds with, “I like you,” he is really saying, “I just like to fuck you.” Obviously, he leaves out the three other key words in that phrase, just so you keep giving up the milk without him having to buy the cow.

Long story short, if you are in this situation, your guy just likes to fuck you. There’s nothing wrong with that because that probably means that you’re good in bed. But if you’re looking for the typical relationship, you are clearly not in the right situation. If you’re taking this personally, then you are probably in this situation. For the guy, this is what we call the “Perfect Situation”. God bless all those who are in it.

Asshole Of The Day Award

Spoiler Alert: He didn’t make it…Yeah I already know, I’m fucked up for writing this.


When Bachelor Parties Go Bad: The Asshole Of The Day Story. That would make a great TV show headline for this fucking group of morons. While having a blast on a party bus during your buddies bachelor party why would you decide to open the emergency hatch at the top of the bus to stick your head out? This isn’t a limo, it takes way too much effort to climb to the top of the bus and when you’re on the highway you have to keep your eyes open for the…wait for it…wait for it…….. OVERPASS! This guy got rocked by the overpass, while being an asshole, and he is now dead. Was he a good kid, was he a bad kid, I have no idea. But regardless, this was a dumb fucking decision that didn’t turn out so well. It’s tough for me to talk shit about a dead guy but this might be one of  the dumbest things I’ve ever heard of. I would send you a shirt, but…Nevermind, it’s probably a little too soon for that one. Anyway, everyone learned a little lesson today.

Show Some Love

For all the haters that we have out there, we actually do have people that enjoy this fucking thing. When I’m out I have people saying, “Hey I read your shit all the time, it’s awesome,” or, “That blog is great man, keep it up.” Basically, either people do a great job at bullshitting my colleagues and I, or people actually do enjoy reading our shit. Therefore, if you do enjoy reading, show some love. Like our facebook page, which I will post the link to at the bottom of this, as well as our twitter page. Also, we have no idea if what we write is actually being read, so if you happen to like a post that you click on through facebook, just click the like button. These are only small favors being asked. However, I will say that we do appreciate our fans and followers, spread the word, we love you all.

As for the haters, I addressed this a while back but I will reiterate what I said earlier. This is primarily to the women out there who happen to think that every post we write is about them. So I will tell you this right now. We write in generalizations, we do not write about specific people. If you happen to think that we are writing about YOU specifically; TAKE A LOOK IN THE FUCKING MIRROR! Obviously you have a guilty conscience, because you obviously think that you are doing something that we rip women about.

So if you really have a specific problem with what we talk about I am calling your bluff right now with this one time offer. EMAIL ME (Steve) THE GUY WHO RUNS THE SHOW, and settle your gripe with ME. Don’t get on my guys through text messages and all that other nonsense, come straight to me at hammer41blog@gmail.com. There’s your chance if you really have a problem with what we talk about. Fair warning though, I’ll probably rip you in an email if you seriously have a problem. Haters, put your money where your mouth is, I’m daring you to email me telling me that we are talking about you specifically, DARING you. I look forward to the hate mail, just be prepared for the response. That is all. Once again, if you’re a fan, we love you.


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Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there. Whether it’s fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or step fathers; take some time out of your day to thank the one’s who are close to you. Sit down, crack open a beer with them, and enjoy it while saying thank you. It’s the American way.

Borough Boys Week 2 Getting You Through Your Saturday Morning


Week two podcast of the Borough Boys Saturday Morning edition. Once again, listen, give some comments, give some feedback, let us know how we’re doing. If you love it, great, if you hate it, fuck off, just let us know either way.

Laying Back

Post by Tommy the Mic and Steve the Hammer:

This is actually a smart theory coming from one known as Tommy the Mic. First let’s explain the theory so no one gets lost. You know when you’re golfing and you’re at a par 5? You have a chance to get on the green in two shots, but there’s a water hazard nearby, what do you do? You lay back. This is a theory that only works one time with a girl who is over an 8 on the rating scale. Here is how it works.

First, the girl needs to be a girl that is extremely hot and she needs to be someone who you plan on having sex with for a long period of time. This strategy can only work one time and one time only per hot girl. So you’re out, trying to get with this girl, but she is absolutely shitfaced. She might want to have sex with you, and you know damn straight that you want to have sex with her as well. But for this one time only you “lay back” and say, “Not tonight because you’re too drunk.” Here’s how it works.

Since you are hoping to have sex with this girl numerous times, this does two things. First, it makes her feel like you’re actually a nice guy. This makes her think and actually makes her like you. Also, this makes her want to rip your clothes off the next time you two are drunk. And since you can only use this strategy once, you have to have sex with her the second time around. You don’t use this strategy when a girl is below an 8. Mainly because you’re just looking to hit it and quit it with those girls, and if she’s drunk and you’re drunk, and she’s not hot, it really doesn’t matter because you don’t plan on talking to her again.

To review, the strategy of laying back is only a good strategic move with girls who are over an 8 and who you plan on having sex with more than once. If you lay back more than one time with the same girl, you’re a pussy and she will then look at you as that nice guy who is just a friend. Use this strategy wisely, and you will be rewarded, we can at least promise you that.