Overuse Of The Word “Asshole”

Post by Quite Frankly:

This article will really show the simple mindedness and lack of independent thought of the female sex.  Sorry, but its kind of true. Girls use the word “asshole” way to frequently and us guys have become kind of numb to it.  If a guy cheats on you, he’s an “asshole”.  If a guy doesn’t want to go to a place because he can’t stand your cousin and her boyfriend, he’s an “asshole”.  Obviously, those are two pretty different things and one is a lot worse than the other.  So why use it for both instances?  If we are assholes for every thing we do than eventually we just say, yeah whatever.  If the word is used less frequently and only in the worst situations than we might take a step back and realize what we did was wrong. And let’s face it, “asshole” is the worst word you have for us.  Guys have the luxury of some pretty damn good words to describe girls.

Guys have a hierarchy of words we use when women piss us off.  If a girl doesn’t want to talk to us or something, she is a “bitch”.  If a girl blows your best friend in the bathroom of some bar, she is not only a slut but will referred to in the future as that “C” word that rhymes with “punt” (See I do have a soul, I didn’t say the word cunt).  We have other words that fill in the in between areas.  Those words are, “pig”, “disgrace”, “joke”, in no particular order.  Other words do exist, but I am not going to expose all the inside secrets here.

If you continue to call us “assholes” for everything than we have no idea what context you are using it in. If you set up a nice little hierarchy of terms like us guys did (guys brains work much more fact based and logical than females, that’s science)  then you might be happier and it might be a little easier.  Here is a mere suggestion. If a guy makes plans and forgets prior plans that he made with you, he is an “idiot”. If a guy cheats on you, he is an “asshole”.  You can fill in the rest.  


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