Bristol Palin Has A Book?

Bristol, I’m not mad, I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed in the fact that you lost your virginity while being black out drunk off of wine coolers. I know you’re a girl, but come on now, they’re fucking wine coolers, my eleven year old cousin couldn’t get drunk off those. And you blacked out and don’t remember? Once again, you drank wine coolers; those things are blackout proof, meaning that it’s impossible for you to blackout by only drinking them. I think it’s a complete cover up to try and save face because you told your parents that you would wait until marriage. Who waits until marriage anymore anyway? This is the shit you’re writing about in your book to make you look like less of a slut. Listen, people would respect you if you just said, “Look, I had sex with my boyfriend and it was a total accident.” No one’s buying this wine cooler blackout nonsense; mainly because, it’s total bullshit. Next time try something believable, because you’re apparently the first person in the history of the world to blackout off of fucking wine coolers. The end.

Sidenote: I would totally kick it to Sarah Palin any day of the week, get rid of all your political views for a second and just look at her, she is a hot piece of ass.


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