What Is Jim Carey Doing?

Post By Quite Frank-ly:

Ok Jim Carey is a funny guy, it’s obvious.  He was hilarious in The Mask, Liar Liar, Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber.  There are other decent Jim Carey movies but lately the guy has hit rock bottom and is in the category of Nicholas Cage.  I really don’t understand how an actor with his resume` can’t get half way decent movies.  Okay, Bruce Almighty and Yes Man were decent at best but what I am talking about are two movies that are just brutal.  The Number 23 was the biggest waste of money and anyone who has paid for a movie at the Stadium 16 on Staten Island in the wonderful neighborhood of Mariner’s Harbor knows that’s an easy $20 a head if you want some treats.  The Number 23 was the beginning of the end and the end is Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  WHAT…THE…HELL…IS…THAT?!!!!!!  I’ll just leave it at that this, if I had kids, no matter how much they bitched and wined about wanting to go see it, I would never take them.  There is literally nothing on the planet that can make me go see that.

Jim what are you doing buddy? I really hope you don’t have a drug problem or something and you just need the money.  You seem like a decent guy, but come on man you’re better than a movie with a house full of penguins.  I pray for another good Jim Carey movie because some of them are timeless and classic.  Recently, its just been brutal.  Get it together man, you’re a legend.  If anything just retire, you might be sticking around too long.


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