Bruins Win The Cup

Since I did something about the Mavericks, I need to do something about the Bruins right? Anyway, congrats to the Bruins on bringing the cup to Boston, you guys dictated the style of play that whole series and showed why you deserved to win…

Now on to the fucking Canucks. Roberto Luongo, you fucking suck dude. You were awesome all year and then you shit the bed twice with a chance to win the whole thing with the last one being on your home ice. and hey, Daniel Sedin way to try and be Mark Messier with the guarantee you giant asshole. The guarantee would have meant something if you did anything the entire series, but you didn’t do a thing and then you shit the bed with saying you guys were going to win game 7. You got out hustled, out hit, and you personally got bitched around by a smaller Brad Marchand in game 6. Your legacy is shot bro. Say hello to being the Lebron of the hockey rink mother fucker.


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