Highlight Feature: Celebrities Who Should Make A Sex Tape

We have all seen celebrity sex tapes before like Paris Hilton, R-Kelly and even as recently as J-Lo. But I am going to give you a list of celebrities who SHOULD make a sex tape.

1. Mila Kunis: The Mila Kunis stock has been incredibly high ever since Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Now with this new movie of her and Justin Timberlake basically just banging the entire time, her stock is higher than ever. A sex tape featuring my moon goddess could only be more gratifying if she made it with me, but hey, you can’t win them all. Mila, get your sexy ass on tape doing something. Please, for all of us.

2. Emmanuelle Chiriqui: The only reason for watching Entourage this long has been the hopes of seeing our 2011 hot girl bracket champion completely naked. If it wasn’t for her, the show would only be half as good.

3. Blake Lively: We know you say the nudie pics weren’t you but why not strike while the iron is hot? Everyone and their mother got your naked pictures and you’re mad about it. Listen girl, you have an absolutely breath taking body, put that shit on tape and copies will be going off the shelves like wild fire.

4. Beyonce: Ever since she came out in that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue years back, everyone has wanted to see her naked. Aren’t you married to Jay-Z? I’m sure he can market the shit out of a sex tape that you and him made. It would just add millions more to both your bank accounts.

5. Katy Perry: She really is America’s Sweetheart right now and what better way to stay on top than to make a sex tape? You and Russell Brand could work something out I’m sure and quite honestly, every guy wants to know how big your chest really is. It sounds perverted, but it’s true.


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