Ladies, Do You Work For Budweiser?

Post by Vince of Reason and Steve the Hammer:

I have a question for girls out there. Does Budweiser pay you to advertise for them? NO, I didn’t think so.  So why is it that every facebook picture you take when you’re out drinking with your “girlies” you feel the need to show everyone the beer that you’re drinking? You even make sure the label is in front so everyone can read the words “Bud Light”. We get that you’re out drinking, and I have no problem with you taking pictures, but you’re 21 years old, drinking hasn’t been cool since you were 17, so stop showing your drink in every picture you take. Budweiser has enough publicity; they don’t ask you to promote their beer in your pictures.

It’s actually no secret that you’re out drinking as everyone can tell from the pictures that you are in a bar. Is it necessary to hold your beer up with the label out making a toast to the person taking the picture? Trust me, it doesn’t make you cooler when you’re holding up your beer in your pictures, you actually look like a drunk girl who is about to go home and get railed by a complete stranger. Maybe you don’t go home and get railed by a complete stranger, but the picture has that evidence written all over it. Don’t get mad, we’re just making a point.

Finally, don’t sit there and say, “I don’t even realize I’m doing it.” You know damn fucking well that you’re doing it so just cut the shit. The moral of the story here is unless the beer companies are paying you to have their label out, enough is enough. Everyone is tired of it, and it’s time that you ladies get ripped for it. However, if you would like myself (Steve the Hammer), or Vin (Vince of Reason), to be that complete stranger that you go home and get railed by, by all means let us know. Other than that, we don’t want to see beer labels in any more pictures.


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