There It Is Dallas…

The Dallas Mavericks are the 2011 NBA Champions, Congratulations. You couldn’t have had a better all around team win a championship than these guys. Dirk, Kidd, Terry, Marion, Barea and Chandler are as solid a group as you will ever see win a title. Congratulations to those guys because they play their asses off every time out and never quit. Plus Mark Cuban is an absolutely awesome owner.

On the other hand, Lebron James you can shove your talents right up your ass. Do you ever show up in the fourth quarter? Chris Bosh is such a bitch and a soft big man, he fucking sucks. The only guy I can say I like on that team is Dwayne Wade. He needs to tell Lebron, “Listen bro, this is my team and I take over games. Give me the ball.” If Wade does that, they might win this series. Also, Eric Spoelstra pisses me off to no end. “Stay the course.” You’re an idiot, how about hit your fucking free throws or rebound the basketball. You suck, I hope you get fired. And next time, don’t call timeout when you’re down 13 points with 18 seconds left. You’re an asshole. It’s going to be a long off season in Miami. See ya fella’s.


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