It’s Been A While….

Haven’t done this in quite some time, but Johnny Baseball is back here with the Facebook Defriend of the Week. To not do this in a few weeks and out of nowhere suddenly have to do it…you know it’s bad folks.

So here we are…In a matter of 24 hours this Facebook de-friend snatch had posted 3 photos of her and her friends at the Jersey Shore. BUT WAIT…that’s not enough for a de-friend right? There is more. These pictures are also accompanied by 3 check-ins at places down at the Jersey Shore. FOLLOWING THIS… (As if it couldn’t get any more annoying or worse) this person than decides to post a status about how crazy her snatch filled night was. And that’s not all, about 4 comments from her friends with words like “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” and how crazy they and their friends are and how awsome the night was. First off, it wasn’t that crazy and awsome if you were on Facebook the whole time hun, and secondly, NO ONE CARES. Stop posting pictures of when you are out whoring around standing on top of a table at D’Jais/Park East and making statuses that are unnecessary. I don’t get people. Is it more fun to make a Facebook status or be out with all of your friends drinking? With that said….this ho fo’ sho gets the stamp…DEFRIENDED!


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