Sports Vs Non-Sports

Post by Quite Frank-ly:

Before we get started I want to ask anyone who disagrees with me to just stay opened minded.  Mainly, because I am right and well if you disagree you’re just not thinking straight.  A sport is an athletic event with an objective.  These objectives are simple; score the most runs, goals, first to pass the finish line etc.  A nonsport is an athletic event that is subjective.  Basically what subjective means is there is a judge present.  Nonsports consist of gymnastics, cheerleading, dancing, figure skating, and so on.

Now to break this all down, starting with the nonsports.  If you partake in these nonsports, God bless you.  It takes great skill and you should have real pride in what you do, and I mean that.  Most of the time when this debate comes up, it’s with a female cheerleader.  Her argument is “you don’t know what goes into it”, “you try doing what we do”, “what we do is not easy” and so on.  Believe me I can’t do it and honestly you don’t want me doing it.  Imagine me in a short skirt, pigtails and makeup being thrown in the air.  First off, I’m not getting very far off the ground and second, catching me is going to be one hell of a challenge.  Also, you can’t do what we do and we can’t do what you do.  I don’t care how many gold medals you win as a figure skater, hitting a 90mph fastball or scoring a touchdown just won’t happen.  Back to what matters.  Just because it’s not a sport does not take anything away from it by any means and I applaud all who succeed in these events.  As for how these events are scored, I will never understand. It all looks EXACTLY the same and the judges somehow formulate a number.  Garbage, if I’m a judge of a cheerleading competition I’m giving the hottest group of chicks all 10s and the fuglies are getting 3s.  That’s how simple it is, the judges can say “fuck that guy, even if he is the best he’s getting a shit score”.  Judges = nonsport.

As for sports, baseball, football, soccer, track, basketball and so on are sports.  The objective how to win is clear and there isn’t a panel of people who can basically fuck you.  Of course there are officials who can rig the game but you can still overcome it.  If an umpire is a Red Sox fan and calls everything a strike it doesnt matter if the Red Sox pitcher is giving up bombs all over the place, the Yanks are still going to win.

I hope this has all been made clear.  Please, do not get offended if you are a nonsport athlete.  You still are an athlete and should take pride in your nonsport.


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