Pre-Game Song Of The Weekend

Due to our new formatting we have decided to get rid of the Drinking Game of the Week because there are only so many different ways of putting a beer down your throat. Therefore, Thursday will be the official start to the weekend and to kick it off we will still be bringing you our Pre-Game Song Of The Weekend…

This week we have Blow by Ke$ha. Call me gay or whatever you want but first of all I love Ke$ha because she’s such a drunk tramp who doesn’t give a shit about anything. Second of all, this is just a good song. It reminds me of the end of the night when you’re at a club and everyone is dancing wildly all over the place. I also picture beer showers occurring everywhere and drunk people sloppily making out. That’s what makes this a perfect pre-game song, because if makes you picture what you want your night to be like. Although it may not be exactly how you pictured it, you might come pretty close.


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