Johnny Baseball’s Boycott List

Post by Johnny Baseball:

Today I woke up and realized that enough is enough. The NFL wil be joining Moe’s and Subway on the Johnny Baseball Boycott List. It was a tough decision, but it had to be done. This means, no watching the NFL network, when the NFL comes on ESPN or NFL LIVE is on, turn it off. Don’t wear anything that has the NFL written all over it, and certainly not going on There are just so many things wrong with this lockout that I’ve had it up to here with the bullshit. Anyone who jeopardizes me watching Green Bay Packers football is completely banned from my life, and the NFL is doing that as we speak.

Hey Goodell…it wasn’t enough that you got your ass booed off stage at the draft? Make something happen here because the season is less that 100 days away and now people are really starting to get antsy.

Also, these players are running their own private workouts. I hate to say it but I want to see what happens when the first guy tears his achillies tendon making a cut because it has happened before and doesn’t take much to do. I guess that guy’s shit out of luck because they aren’t supposed to be working out.

But seriously, it is getting really ridiculous now. A few teams have new quaterbacks and every team has new rookies that need to be around the coaches and the teams to try to get some sort of idea about where they stand on depth charts and also to know what the fuck they are doing when they step out on the field.

Not to mention, you’re putting literally almost millions of people out of jobs. But these rich fucks don’t care. What about the security guards, ticket booth workers, and vendors at the stadiums? They don’t have families they need to support right? Greedy fucks I tell you.

So Congratualtions NFL…You have made the Johnny Baseball Boycott list. After years and years of love for the game it has finally happened. GET YOUR FUCKING SHIT TOGETHER so people can actually still find an excuse not to go to Church on Sunday. But most of all because we want people to keep their sanity, and not go on killing sprees because there is nothing else to do. No fantasy football, no Monday and Thursday night games? Get real NFL. Stop being a pack of greedy pricks and let’s go. Get this season started. If they make the NFL season 8 games instead of 16, I won’t be watching anything more than the Packers game, because that is absolutely ridiculous. As of now my Sunday’s are looking pretty dull…AND I DON’T LIKE IT!


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