Terrelle Pryor Is Not Alone

Post by Quite Frank-ly:

This whole thing with Ohio State and Terrelle Pryor is not shocking at all.  I mean look at these top tier college athletes.  They live the life.  As a recent graduate from college and from playing 2 years of NCAA D3 baseball it’s pretty damn difficult to work during this time.  So how do these big time NCAA athletes afford anything?  I mean they barely go to class due to practice and games, let alone work at all.  These clowns have elaborate tattoos (which is easy $200 or $300 a pop), have fancy clothes, jewelry and nice cars.  How in God’s name do you afford this.  Let me tell you, they ALL get benefits.  The 3rd string linemen gets benefits.  Not only financial support, but academic.  I don’t want to sound prejudice, but how are these people educated?  I have seen them in post game interviews and press conferences, most sound like English is their second language.

It’s pretty sad how these athletes get such special treatment.  They aren’t student-athletes, they are athletic students, with students loosely defined.  The reason the NCAA kind of looks the other way is pretty clear.  If they did this for every team and every player, 90% of the players would be suspended.  This isn’t just for NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball is just as guilty.  How about this food for thought, Patrick Ewing has a Bachelors of Arts from Georgetown University, one prestigious school.  When Patrick Ewing was drafted 1st overall by the New York Knicks, he had a clause that he could not talk to the press for the first two years and for those first two years had to take ENGLISH SPEAKING LESSONS!  Yeah, you read that correctly,  if he cant speak english how does he have a degree from an American university.  Same thing goes for clowns like, Allen Iverson, Vince Young, AJ Hawk etc.  (this list is endless)


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