Highlight Feature: “That Girl”

Since I have personally been slacking in the abusing women with my logical reasoning department I decided why not get back on the horse and talk about “That Girl”. I wrote one about “That Guy” about a month ago, but this topic regarding girls is a lot different.

Everyone knows that one girl who is nothing but trouble, yet she will always find a guy, or in some cases a few guys who will think she is capable of some sort of change and will in turn believe the bullshit that she throws out at them. But these guys always forget just how shady “That Girl” really is. Basically they fall into her trap and get sucked in.

Sooner or later, the slew of guys that she happens to be talking to all find out that she is talking to numerous people and not just solely to them. I mean all these guys knew the girl was trouble, but they decided to jump into the shark tank anyway. That’s just what she wanted. Remember, “That Girl” is the most insecure person on the face of the earth, so in order to keep her self-esteem up, she needs to be talking to a bukkake circle of at least five or more dudes. It’s just science.

What the fuck is the moral of the story you ask? If you know “That Girl”, just stay far away from her. The definition of “That Girl” is a hook-up slut, a liar and probably a girl who talks shit about her “friends”. Oh, and her ex-boyfriend comes and goes like the Christmas season; annually. So guys, remember this post and stay away from the one known as “That Girl”, I promise it will make your life easier than a person who wears adult diapers. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.


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