What Do Female Teachers and Male Choir Directors Have In Common?

If you’ve been reading, you can probably guess what is about to happen next…


If you guessed that they both have sex with minors then you are correct. This week I have seen two female teacher’s being brought up on charges for having sex with 15 year old boys, and now we have a choir director being arrested for lewd acts with a 15 year old girl. The girl also happened to be a member of his choir, like that’s such a shocking development. Guy, you’re like 53 years old, how pathetic do you have to be to fool around with a 15 year old? I’m just going to assume that people resort to having sex with minors when online dating doesn’t work out for them. I don’t get it. This guy should be thrown in jail so he can be some 300 pound criminal’s girlfriend. First it was priests and little boys, now it’s choir directors and little girl’s; the Catholic Church takes another hit (Yes, I will probably be going directly to hell for that).



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