Asshole Of The Day Award

This woman’s got some set of balls…literally

So if you’re a person who thinks that you were born the wrong gender what do you do? Do you A) Use three disposable razors to try and saw off your penis, B) Sue the state of Virginia because they won’t give you a sex change operation, or C) Both? If you guessed C, you are correct. Okay crazy lady, let’s put you in your place. Number one, you’re in prison. This means that you fucked up somewhere along the line, the state doesn’t owe you anything. Number two, why the fuck are you trying to cut off your dick with a fucking disposable razor? You might as well just skin yourself to death you crazy bitch. I don’t understand how you’re so mad about this. You’re in a female prison, do you know how many of those crazy bitches are probably craving dick? You don’t even need to try and you can get laid at will. If you start looking at shit from that perspective maybe you’ll think twice before trying to cut your cock off next time. If not, just bring out a fucking chain saw and cut it off with one swipe, I’m sure that’ll be the easiest way to take care of your “problem”.


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