The Girl Who Hooks Up With Everyone…

Post by Quite Frank-ly:

This article is about a certain notorious female.  We all know at least one, some of us are lucky enough to be trapped on an island, nestled comfortably between Brooklyn and New Jersey, filled with them.  That is the girl who hooks up with everyone.  Every night out this hookup whore (HW) hooks up with the majority of the male population at the bar, lounge etc.  What I used to not understand was, what exactly do you get out of it?  You’re not having sex, so pleasure is out of the question.  After many years of vast and extensive research I have come to my full proof theory.  Girls are just insecure.  Plain and simple, FACT!  By getting your numbers up and being able to say you hooked up with someone, it boosts your ego.  By the way, females need 8-12 ego boosts a day to stay out of depression, it’s science.  If you’re this type of girl and you’re reading this, don’t you dare challenge this Frankian Theory!

This is the same girl who bitches and complains that guys don’ treat her right or respect her.  Umm, you don’t even respect yourself why would a guy with a quarter of his brain respect you?  Let me break it down for you Miss HW.  If you hookup with this guy regularly, he will potentially develop feelings for you, you already know he finds you to be attractive.  So by just using this guy as a numbers boost he thinks of you as a slut, whore, scrot, tramp, etc.  Since guys are good people, he isn’t going to write a facebook status relating to how much girls are assholes, how girls suck, how there aren’t any good girls left.  If this were the other way around, say the guy used you to cheat on his girlfriend and you liked this guy.  The statuses would be flying, and you would be starting rumors every 38 minutes to get back at this guy.  My point is, stop bitching and complaining and getting all perturbed when a guy treats you like shit.  If you like the guy, why are you hooking up with the universe?  I leave you with that food for thought.  Adios Miss HW.


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