Asshole of the Day

We’re going to go outta the USA today to find our asshole of the day, so it is an easy find.  Today we go to Russia to find a man who decided to bury himself alive because he believed it would bring him good luck for the rest of his life.  Notice how I am talking in the past tense here folks.  The guy is no longer alive.  How in the world would you think that you could survive overnight buried alive?  But wait he had an awesome survival kit with him, it included air holes in the ground, a mobile phone, and a bottle of water.  Cheech…what about some food? You’re gonna be there for at least 6 hours.  It doesn’t take long to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich to hold you over till breakfast, hell you could even make two and stick them in your pocket, that is if you were even wearing clothes you crazy fuck.  The best part is he dug the hole and let his friend fill it, then called his friend to tell him he was alright and fine.  The friend should go to jail for murder.  Why in the fucking hell would you bury your friend alive, THEN LEAVE HIM THERE! Atleast stay above ground to keep checking on him.  This really isn’t making too much sense to me here.  That’s why this guy is the asshole of the day.


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