The NFL Lockout

By Quite Frank-ly:

The biggest topic to me in the sports world is this potential NFL lockout.  What is the world going to be like from September to January?  Honestly, it’s hard for me to fathom not watching football on my ass for an entire Sunday afternoon.  At least people on Facebook will get along.  I mean I look forward to the nonsense bickering between Jets and Giants fan on a daily basis via status updates.  Let me throw my opinion in for that quick.  90% of you do not have a God given clue, just be quiet and think before you speak.  That is my sole request. 
Back to the lockout itself, it must be one hell of a feeling waking up and saying to yourself “$6 billion is just not enough anymore, I need $7 billion”.  After a billion you’re just one greedy douchebag.  The entire world is rubbing fucking nickels together because the economy is in the toilet, people are doing anything for a few dollars, college grads can’t find an entry level job (I feel everyones pain) and the owners in the NFL are bitching over $1 billion like school girls over a beanie baby.  How about you realize that if there are no NFL games this year you are losing a piss load of money.  If there are no butts in the seats, buying $9 beers, $6 hot dogs, and so on, not to mention $60 screen printed jerseys and $80 hoodies; you’re losing money, it’s that simple. 
Just come to a fucking deal already, let’s have football and lets move on in the world.  That extra billion isn’t going to break the camels back, but if it does you have other problems Mr. NFL owner.  You have a spending problem and I really think you should limit yourself, if it’s not you it’s your wife and/or mistress.  It probably is your lady because only a female can spend millions upon millions of dollars, have no idea where it went, and still ask for more.  On a more serious note, it really is a shame that there might not be football this year.  In the words of that Bad News Bears movie where they played in the Astrodome (don’t ask) “LET THEM PLAY!


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