Drivers That Stare

By Quite Frank-ly:

This is something we have all experienced and kind of get annoyed at but really don’t think of it all that much after it happens.  While driving people tend to stare at other drivers, and truthfully it’s kind of annoying.  I am not talking about some subtle glance, I’m talking about a full out stare like you have a 3 inch snot hanging out of your nose.  Why?  Buddy you’re making a turn, stop staring at me and trying to tough guy me, please avoid hitting the old lady crossing the street please, thank you!  For the guys, if a chick stares at us it makes our day and some of you creepy fucks would probably follow her.  Who knows?  If a dude stares at another dude, I question that dudes sexuality.  I am not overly good looking, nor gay, so why is a male staring at me?  Why?  I wish I knew.

When you’re stopped and decide take a glance at the person next to you to see who it is and possibly know the person, that’s fine, whatever.  But if you’re giving the tough guy stare, grow up.  If I rolled down the window and told you to go fuck yourself you wouldn’t even get out of the car. and if you did get out of the car, you’re a moron.  This is a street, you’ll probably get pummeled.

This probably all comes from a lot of dudes living on my home island just being insecure pricks and they think they know every body.  Yes, I know Staten Island has the smallest population of all the boroughs but it’s still over a half a million people.  You have 1000 facebook friends, meaning you know 700 and 300 you just requested because she’s hot.  You dont know everyone.  Now continue driving the car your dad bought you and go home.


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