Blake Lively What’s Up Girl

Yes you all know what this is about…

Blake Lively, How Ya Doin’ girl? Don’t tell people that the pics are fake and not really you, you should be proud of that shit. You have just shot to the top of the rankings for celebrity naked pictures. Vanessa Hudgens, get the fuck out of the way. Erin Andrews, suck on that and Rhianna, fuck off we still don’t know if those were even you. Blake Lively, you are now the new heavyweight champion of the world in the naked pictures league. Oh, and why are you suing people who post them if it’s not you? Get real, bask in your glory right now. This shit doesn’t make you a whore, it’s not a sex tape. Settle down and enjoy the limelight, it should feel good to be on top.

Sidenote: This is going to be my only post of the day because I have a long traveling day. Johnny Baseball and Quite Frank-ly will be running the show for the rest of today and most of tomorrow. Stay tuned today as Would You Rather Wednesdays have been replaced by That’ll Be The Day Wednesday’s.


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