Asshole of the Day Award

Jesus Christ, the world just gets dumber and dumber by the second.  Today’s Asshole of the Day Award goes to………………..A yokel in East Texas, who decided that the easiest way to get a propane tank (yes it is highly flammable and a witness said it was full)  from point A to point B was in turn not a straight line…BUT CHAINING IT TO THE BACK OF HIS BUMPER AND DRIVING IT ON THE HIGHWAY.  Dude, are you serious right now!?  A propane tank is used on BBQ’s to make fire, what makes you think you could get away with driving it down a highway on a 100 degree day in Texas.  You could have blown up half the state you fucking moron fuck.  Not to mention, who steals a propane tank from a random person’s yard? Go buy one you cheap waste of space hick.  Apparently there is no official word on why the man took the propane take.  Really? What good reason would there be for him to take it? I can’t think of one.

This one really makes me think about The Simpsons…Hey Cletus next time you want to BBQ, go buy you own propane tank, and secondly don’t endanger the lives of thousands because you would not only blow yourself up but also all the other steers and queers in Texas.  So I have found a theme song for this asshole and it goes something like this


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