The Return Of Johnny Baseball

Johnny Baseball Is Officially Back In Town…

Well well well, guess who’s back? Johnny Baseball thats who. It’s been a while but i’ve finally finished school and finals this week and you know what time it is? Time to go on a rant…

So here are a few things over the past few weeks that have really got me goin here:

Hey Subway…Welcome to the Johnny Baseball Boycott/Blacklist bro, did you really basically give me food poisoning and make me throw up before my final and in turn basically fail me? YUPPPPPP…Along with Moe’s, Subway will be boycotted maybe not for ever, but for an extended period of time. So how about this, you get some real meats and cheeses and change your whole setup you got over there cause from now on this kid ain’t buyin…Sorry.

Secondly…Nick Swisher…COME ON BRO..where in the hell did you grow up playing baseball? Im a Mets fan but my mother and brother and Yankee fans so the games are always on but come on dude…do you really have to laugh everytime you strike out? (which is often cause face it you suck and had 1 good year in your career). If I would’ve laughed after striking out as a kid I would’ve either gotten smacked in the face or my ass sat down on the bench. How about you take the game seriously for a few innings pal. Look at when other real players strike out. Pedroia throws his helmet and beats a cooler and your laughing? Grow up and I’ve seen him do this more than once. You weren’t laughing when Franklin Guitierrez robbed your ass of a homer last week right?…Because that’s the only thing important to the Yankee organization I guess…homeruns.

And last but not least, The Mets. I would really love to know the plan of action here for the Mets like…WTF ARE THEY DOING?. The future looks so dim…it’s like getting on a train that’s going into a dark tunnel, and that tunnel is goin straight to fucking hell. Please before Beltran and all these guys get hurt…trade them….If you’re going to get rid of all of them now just fucking do it and end the sorrow so I can stop watching…The Mets are slowly but surely going to be added to the Johnny Baseball Boycott/Black List.

And also with these barrelling the catcher rules….WTF WOULD YOU LIKE THE RUNNER TO DO? Stand there and say okay fine the ball beat me there you can tag me out…if the MLB passes a rule for no barrelling over the catcher I probably won’t watch baseball anymore. Because thats the problem with this country and everything in it..WE GOT SOFT. The NFL…you can’t even touch the QB…NBA, let’s not even go there. NHL, no fighting? Let’s be real here people. It’s sports…theres contact…and the Mets suck.


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