Hey ESPN Get Jim Tressell Off My TV

Enough with this guy already, we know all about it by now…


Alright yes we get it, Jim Tressell fucking resigned now get him and his sweater vests off my goddamn TV. I’m sick of hearing about this shit already. Every big time college football player in the country gets benefits and sells shit, how do you expect them to have any fucking money when they have no time to work. All they do is eat, breathe, and sleep football. They need to have a way of getting some sort of money. Now with all that being said, get this fucking guy with his dumb face and dumb glasses off my screen before I put a bat through it. Enough is enough.

Sidenote: Give it two weeks until the Urban Meyer rumors start swirling as his replacement. Notice how I said rumors because that’s all they will be.


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