Highlight Feature Of The Day: The Social Stock Market

This is something a lot of people don’t know about. Well they know about it, but they don’t refer to it the same way as I do. I was going to feature this in the season finale of Fireside Chats, but it just works better on paper than on the camera.

What is the social stock market? Simply put, it is how high a guy or girl’s stock is. Meaning how many people want them at that specific time. For example, when a guy first gets a girlfriend, his stock automatically rises. Everyone, especially women, want what they can’t have; so having a girlfriend makes your stock soar through the roof.

Now, stock is at it’s highest just after the guy breaks up with the girlfriend. Now all the rebound chicks are on the prowl to get with the newly single guy that they’ve wanted to bang for months. Trust me, your stock is at its peak performance level when you just get out of a relationship.

However, after the second rebound chick, your stock now goes back to plummeting. Why? Because now they can have you, so they don’t want you. This pretty much signifies the circle of life in many ways. The situation is exactly the same for women I just used guys for the example. You may also think that it sounds crazy, but you all know that I am 100 percent correct.


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