Would You Rather Wednesday’s

Today’s is a little different than usual, but we like to try new things here…


Would you rather vicariously experience all the orgasms that go on in your zip code simultaneously, or have the Microsoft paper clip appear with sex tips while you’re getting it on? Now depending on the area you live in that could be a very high rate of orgasms. On the flip side if you’re in an area with older people, the rate can be very low. Therefore it really depends on your area. As for the paper clip, he could get a little annoying but during sex he may be helpful. What if he knows what the girl is thinking? Then you look like a god. I’m taking the paper clip here for the sheer fact that for all the shitty advice he’ll probably give, that one time out of a hundred might possibly be the best sex advice anyone’s ever given. It’s worth a shot right?


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