Apparently ESPN Loves To Party

A book has come out in regards to behind the scenes of ESPN. The first phrases that came to mind were “a lot of drugs” and “quite a bit of screwing”. This sounds like an awesome job to me. All these people turning Christmas parties into frat parties and giant orgies, people doing drugs in the bathroom, anchors dealing pot; ESPN sounds like an adult version of going away to college. And apparently Chris Berman is a giant dickhead. I have to say, I’m not exactly surprised by this at all. Look at the guy, he thinks he’s hot shit. Im willing to bet that dude couldn’t get laid in a brothel, which is why he’s probably so miserable. Regardless, it sounds like I need to sneak my way into an ESPN Christmas party to see where the real fun is. Clearly we now all know why this is everyone’s dream job.


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