Fred Wilpon Shits On The Mets

You know what? I have to say that I agree with the fucking guy. He might be a cheap fuck who doesn’t spend any money on his team, but he is absolutely right about all the shit he said. He must have been fucked up to say this shit though. Like when he said that Reyes thinks he’s getting Carl Crawford money, but since he’s had everything wrong with him (in terms of injuries) he won’t get it. Saying that some schmuck gave Beltran the money based on his one post-season with the Astros and that he’s on 70 percent of what he was. Saying that Wright is a really good kid and a very good player, but he’s not a superstar; and when he was asked if they were cursed he laughed and made a check swing motion in regards to Beltran looking at strike three in game 7 of the 2006 NLCS. The guy has everything right except for the fact that YOU’RE THE FUCKING OWNER and you don’t bash your players to the media like that. This is why the organization is shit. Do I agree with the shit you said? Yes. Do I think you should have stated it publicly? Absolutely not. You defend your players to the death regardless you fucking asshole. Now no one is going to want to play for this franchise for years. I might as well become a fucking Rays fan at this point. At least it’ll only cost $12 to go to a fucking game.


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