Asshole(s) Of The Month Award

I know May isn’t over yet but no act of assholeness will top these two morons…

Harold Camping, Asshole number one and Robert Fitzpatrick, Asshole number two are the two jerkoff’s who said the world would end at exactly 6pm yesterday. Mr. Fitzpatrick said he has no idea how his calculations could be wrong but he admitted being wrong. Mr. Camping is just a flat out moron. Either way, we’re all still here and there are no calculations to predict when the fucking world will end. Do yourselves a favor and go out and have a couple of drinks, then go to the strip club with the $140,000 dollars you spent on subway and billboard ads and get a few VIP room lap dances. Trust me it’s a much better life than what you two morons do. Or you could just keep throwing guesses out there about when the world is going to end. If you just keep guessing, eventually you might be right. Anyway, here’s your award, wear it with pride…


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