Highlight Feature Of The Day: When Do Women Decide Who They’re Sleeping With

There is a question that has been burning in my mind lately, and that question is at when point do women decide they are sleeping with a guy. I’m not talking about relationships, I am talking about when they go out and decide that they are definitely going home with a particular guy that night.

Like is it when they first say hello? Maybe the guy looks good, or smells good and they decide at the hello point that they are having sex with this guy tonight. This seems like a decent theory because maybe a girl just decides this on the spot, I don’t really know.

Is it later in the night when the guy actually tries to put in some work? Does a girl wait to feel the guy out and see how interested he really is? This seems like a pretty good assumption I think. Maybe this totally isn’t true at all, but who knows.

Or could it possibly be that a girl decides before she even says hello to a specific guy. Does a girl decide when she first see’s a guy that she is definitely going home with that guy tonight? This sounds incredibly slutty, but maybe women actually do this.

The reason I dare to ask these questions is because women control the sex. As tough as it is for any guy to admit, if a woman doesn’t want to have sex, you’re not having sex. So ladies, what is your response? When do you decide who you are sleeping with on a particular night?


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