Highlight Feature Of The Day: Extra Innings

By no means am I talking about baseball here; I’m talking about college. Although graduation happened to be on Sunday, there are still some seniors who are in what I like to call “Extra Innings” of their college career. Once you stay to party after graduation, you are in extra innings of Game 7 of the World Series at this point. I just didn’t know how many of these people were still left before last night.

I’m sitting on my friends couch and we’re just hanging out, drinking and watching surf videos when two more friends make their way over to the house. They happen to get in touch with other people who are still here and we end up at a small form of a party. It was more of an organized get together with drinking games, but let’s call it a small party in laymen’s terms.

Anyway, we get there and there is an intense game of civil war happening. I knew right there that my night of just hanging drinking a few beers was over and done with. The next game played was called Get The Fuck Out or Slap The Cup, either one could apply. Fucking game is crazy; I probably can’t even explain it on the blog. It’s just like quarters, except with cups, a ping-pong ball and like 100 cups of beer in the middle. The game was fun, of course I got fucked at the end and had to drink the cups that actually had more than a sip in them but whatever it’s cool. No hard feelings. I’ll also add that it might be the most environmentally unfriendly game ever as people are just slapping cups all over the fucking place. Floors, rugs, ceilings, I even think I saw a few hanging on lights and shit. Someone needs to come up with an environmentally friendly way to play.

This game is followed by 21 cup. I got matched up with a heavyweight title contender and had to go punch for punch with him. I held my own thank god, which helped my team win the game. I still think the kid I was matched up with hit so many cups I was seeing double towards the end. Nonetheless, the intensity level brought by both teams to this game was awesome to watch.

What I learned from all of this is that no one really wants college to end. We all want to do exactly what we are doing now. Obviously, that can’t happen, but it is wishful thinking. My advice is to drag on extra innings as long as you possibly can, before becoming a real adult. Extra innings is like limbo. You’re done with college, but you’re not a real adult yet. Stay in limbo for a little bit, it’s a much better time from what I hear.


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