Body Drop: How A Legend Was Born

The story of Body Drop goes back three years in a time before Apple TV. This may very well be the greatest story I have ever heard when it comes to thinking of a name for anything. Actually, it is the greatest story I have ever heard, hopefully my writing about it lives up to the hype.

My buddy had this bong. He will remain nameless for the obvious reasons. It happened to be his first one, so it was like his baby. He was telling us the story about how he actually came up with it’s name. It all started in the car with two of his friends as they were just driving and the bong was sitting on my friends lap, just a little guy who hadn’t been named yet.

They go to one of their houses and start watching TV. The show Monster Jam happened to be on and there was this guy on the show who was like a sidekick. He was a little midget that acted as a test dummy of sorts. I was actually told that the midget basically flew off the top of a car and got up like it was nothing. The midgets name happened to be Body Drop.

As they’re watching the show, Body Drop comes onto the screen. My buddy’s friend lifts his arms in the air, points, and yells out, “I got it. His name is Body Drop”. Ever since then, Body Drop stuck. Just the perfect way of naming something when you can’t think of anything. You just have to let it happen sometimes, and in this case a legend was born.


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