Asshole Of The Day Award

Today’s Asshole Of The Day Award happens to be everyone’s favorite Stewie impersonator who needs to be more aware of his surroundings when drinking…

What’s wrong with these cups?

I’m playing beer pong with my friend Greg and I hit a cup that actually falls over. Greg goes to drink the cup and says, “There’s no beer in that cup. Actually, there’s no beer in any of these cups.” He then proceeded to walk away shamefully with his head down as he forgot to fill up his cups for our one on one beer pong match. The main premise of the game is to drink. If there is no beer in the cups you just have two giant assholes throwing a ping pong ball back and forth. It doesn’t matter how fucked up you are, you have to know that the beer comes first. It’s just one of those unwritten rules you can’t forget about. Atta boy Greg, get ’em next time.

Sidenote: There was actually beer in two of the cups that he hadn’t drank from the game before. This just made him look like a bigger asshole.


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