Would You Rather Wednesday’s

Today we find out just how important money and looks are to you…


Rich Guy                                                                        Poor Guy

So today we ask would you rather be ugly and rich, or poor and good looking. This is a very tough question because you could be poor and good looking and still not get girls because you don’t have any money. Women want to date guys who are going to be able to support them. If you can’t support them, they don’t want you. On the other hand, if you’re ugly and rich, girls only want your money, not you. Basically they’re all gold diggers. But you know what? I’m taking ugly and rich on this one. Even if she’s only there for the money and faking the orgasms, I’m still having sex with her. And she’s probably hot because hot girls only look for money ninety percent of the time. That would equal a win for me.


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