Highlight Feature Of The Day: Why Guys Rip Their Hair Out

This may be tough for some women to understand, but you ladies are the reason why men are assholes. I know that may come as a shock to all of you, but it’s true. Once a guy has been fucked over one too many times, he is done. And even if he commits to a girl, he’ll always have that shadow of doubt in the back of his mind.

For example, when a guy decided to finally get back on the horse and give it a try with a specific girl, he always thinks at first that she’s different. He also pretends in front of her that he is fine with her going out with her friends, meanwhile deep down he’s livid. Not livid that she’s out with her friends, livid because he doesn’t know what she’s going to do when he’s not around.

Although he doesn’t actually know what she is doing when he isn’t around, he thinks the worst. This is what guys do once they have been fucked over. Once a guy is fucked over, every girl is the same in his eyes. All girls seem like lying, cheating whores who can’t be trusted.

However, it is not the guys fault for thinking this way. Usually he has been cheated on or left for another guy. Therefore, it is ingrained in his head that girls are sluts that you can’t trust.

Ladies, this is why your boyfriend is probably ripping his hair out when you say you’re going out. Probably because every time he’s trusted a girl, she has cheated on him. You can say you’re a different girl but until proven otherwise, it doesn’t matter in his head. Long story short; don’t be that girl who turns that nice guy into an asshole.


2 Responses to Highlight Feature Of The Day: Why Guys Rip Their Hair Out

  1. Nicole says:

    And guys make girls crazy, vicious cycle huh?

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