2011 Chick Madness Hot Girl Bracket-Bubble Watch

Bubble Watch: Black Region

Vanessa Williams, Kali Hawk, Tasha Smith

Vanessa Williams: She is mainly on the bubble here because we need to look realistically and say that her best days are behind her. Although still a MILF; she doesn’t bring to the table what other women in this region can bring. Vanessa will need a strong push towards the end to have a shot.

Kali Hawk: We know her as the annoying bitch from Couples Retreat. Looks good at times, and at other times she doesn’t look so hot. With her being so young she can hang with the women in this bracket, but really needs to win her conference tournament to get in.

Tasha Smith: Another one from Couples Retreat, but she happens to be old as well. Her resume may not be able to compete with the other ones that we have seen thus far. Can her huge tits give her enough weight to push into this tourney?

Possible Number 1 Seeds: Megan Good, Rhianna, Beyonce, Lauren London

Possible At-Large Bids: Gabrielle Union, Christina Milian, Keri Hilson, Brittyana O’Campo, Halle Berry, Ciara, Nikki Minaj

Need To Win Their Conference Tournament: Zoe Saldana, Tyra Banks, Hoops (Flavor of Love), Essence Atkins



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