Pre-Game Song Of The Weekend

I’ve made an executive decision that on late Thursday afternoon’s I will now be posting the top pre-game song for the upcoming weekend. This is because at most colleges the weekends start on Thursday night. This week I have selected All of the Lights from Kanye West and Rhianna. Mainly because this just makes you want to chug beers, as well as making you feel like a fucking G. Guaranteed to get any pre-game session rowdy. I guarantee it.


Quote of the Day

“Man you really suck, if you were my kid I would’ve pushed you back up in there”- J.J. Edwards

Why I Don’t Get My Hopes Up For The Mets

Even though this is only the second half of the Not Top 10 Mets video, this is the reason I have no hope as a Mets fan this season. Because yes, shit like this will happen all season, and alcoholism is the only solution to watching them play. God help us all.

Check Out This Florida Mug Shot Roundup

Just beautiful faces on these people, it actually made my morning running through this slideshow. Some of these faces are hilarious. But I mainly put this up to teach all of you a lesson. Kids, stay in school.

MLB Previews-League Championship Series

Steve the Hammer Predictions:


Boston Red Sox vs Los Angeles Angels: This will be an awesome ALCS match up and I actually do think that Boston will come out on top. The Angels have a nice little team, but the Red Sox are just better. Gonzalez and Crawford will show why they were such big off-season acquisitions in this series and the Red Sox win the ALCS in 6.


Philadelphia Phillies vs San Francisco Giants: A rematch from last year’s ALCS except for the fact that the Phillies now have Cliff Lee. Halladay vs Lincecum, Lee vs Cain, Hamels vs Bumgarner. The pitching in this series is going to be absurd. The team who can play a better brand of small ball and better defense will win this series. I’m going with Phillies in 7 moving on to the World Series.

Johnny Baseball Predictions:


Tigers vs. Red Sox – Well since everyone is predicting the Red Sox will make it to the World Series…im going with the Tigers. Good young pitching will lead the way and if Miguel Cabrera has any kind of a year like he had last year, we’re in for a treat. Add Victor Martinez and Maggilio to that and I think they make a suprise run at it…Tigers in 7.


Rockies vs. Giants – An inter-divison matchup here. And I’m going with the Rockies. I think they have a real magical year in them…Plus c’mon no team repeats in the MLB…It just can’t happen…Plus the Rockies lineup is stacked and with Tulo healthy well they are real good. Im goin Rockies in 6.

One Third Of Women Are Sad After Sex

Now in this little article they have all these scientific theories on this that they say “may” be the case. The use of the word may means that they don’t have any fucking clue. I attribute it to the guy just being fucking lousy in bed. That’s the only reason I can really see for a girl being so sad after she has sex. She was expecting great sex, and was so disappointed that she doesn’t even want to talk to anyone about it. Lesson learned ladies, go in with no expectations, and you can’t be disappointed.

Asshole Of The Day Award

It would go to all Mets fans because today is opening day, but instead I’m giving it to this absolute asshole…

You’re in an office lottery pool, it’s like being on a team; you have a commitment to participate every time. This is just karma biting this mother fucker in the ass. The one time he decides not to participate because he was sulking in the corner saying he was feeling “unlucky”, he misses out on 16 million dollars. What a fucking asshole. If you were feeling unlucky before you decided not to participate, how did you feel after you found out you missed out on a fortune? They better get someone to keep an eye on this guy for a while because right now it looks like swan diving off the empire state building and into a dixie cup is imminent.